About this site

Pente.org is a free site, and I do not make any money from the site. All proceeds from donations and advertising is used to further develop the site.

This site continues to be developed solely by dweebo (Peter Hewitt), but with contributions from a few other people. Most notably, Mark Mammel has really helped out Pente.org by contributing his excellent Pente AI that players can practice against and also providing some key code that runs the Games Database, thanks Mark! And I have a few great admins [partica, up2ng] who help run the place. And thanks to karlw for running some tournaments in the past. I'd also like to thank Greg Strange for his work on the Tutorials!

The site has been hosted on several servers over the years, and has stayed up thanks to donations from many people. Thanks to everyone who has donated!

I started this site back around 05/1999.  I first played Pente with my brother.  However, he lives quite far away, so I thought maybe we could play on the internet.  But I wasn't able to find any place online where we could play in real time.  Well, seeing as how I was studying to be a computer scientist, I thought I'd play around and see what I could do.  I'm still working on it! In creating this site I've learned java extremely well, (this site is written with 100% java!) and am now a java 2 certified programmer.

Since August 2013, pente.org ownership and development was taken over by rainwolf. Most notable in this transition was the deprecation of Java in the browser and development of the mobile apps for both iOS and Android.